Way to Transfer Files B/W Android & Windows 10 through Bluetooth

Transfer Files through Bluetooth

Transfer Files through BluetoothHowever, the Wi-Fi networks & cloud storage are too usual these days. You guys probably still find yourself in a condition in which you guys are unable to use either in order to send files from an Android smartphone simply to a Windows 10 laptop or tablet. What you guys are able to do whether you guys do not have any USB cables either? The answer is to transfer files from your Android smartphone simply to your Windows 10 laptop by using Bluetooth. However, that is not as simple as we would like it to be, it is not too difficult either.

Way to Transfer Files B/W Android & Windows 10 through Bluetooth

Here is the way to transfer files from Android devices to Windows 10 devices, just through Bluetooth:

Pair your Android smartphone with your Windows 10 laptop or tablet

Well, guys Start by turning on Bluetooth on both your Android smartphone & also Windows laptop. Next, pair them together.

Transfer Files through Bluetooth

Simply An Android smartphone paired with a Windows 10 laptop

Prepare Windows 10 for receiving files over Bluetooth

In order to get a file to your Windows 10 PC simply from your Android smartphone. Though you guys must first tell Windows 10 that you intend to perform that. Similarly, as with everything else in Windows, you guys are also able to do that in more than one way. One way is through the Settings app: organizing it & then head to the Devices.

However, the Devices category only from the Windows 10 Settings

In the Devices category, you must have to head to the“Bluetooth & other devices,”. Drop down on the right side of the window, until you guys find the link which is known as the “Send or receive files through Bluetooth.” At a time when you do, tap on it, & the Bluetooth File Transfer wizard should open.

Similarly, the Send or receive files via Bluetooth link from Windows 10

The Bluetooth File Transfer wizard opens. It offers you just two options: “Send files” or “Receive files.” Knowing that you like to send some files from your Android smartphone, you guys should select the“Receive files.”

Transfer Files through Bluetooth

Selecting to Receive files over Bluetooth

Similarly, then the Bluetooth File Transfer wizard says that Windows 10 is “waiting for a connection.”

Transfer Files through Bluetooth

Windows 10 is waiting for a Bluetooth connection

You guys are also able to skip to the next section of this guide which shares other methods for performing step 2 in this tutorial.

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You are also able to head to the exact wizard & must prepare the Windows 10 for getting files over Bluetooth. Only with the right-click on the Bluetooth icon from the notification area of your taskbar. However, in the right-click menu, you must have to select the “Receive a File.”

At last, a third fast procedure in order to organize the Bluetooth File Transfer wizard on any Windows PC is to use the Run window (here press Win + R on your keyboard), then type fsquirt.exe and tap OK.

Guys! Now it is time to send the files that you guys desire from your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 laptop.

Share files from your Android smartphone with Windows 10, via Bluetooth

On your Android smartphone, choose the files that you guys like to transfer and click the Share option. You are also able to do that from any application that can also open the files that you also like to send. For instance, you could choose to select & share photos just by using the Google Photos app especially the Gallery app. Though you should be able to share documents just by using the Files app specifically from the Downloads folder whether that’s where they are stored.

Regardless of the application you guys use, choose the files that you like to transfer & look for the Share button. In Google Photos, for instance, the Share button seems like this:

After you click the Share button, your Android smartphone should ask whom or the way to share the files that you have chosen. Here you should drop just via the options you have and select Bluetooth.

Simply now your Android smartphone should allow you to select which Bluetooth device you like the files to be sent to. Click on your Windows 10 computer or device.

Though guys that’s all you guys must have to do on your Android smartphone. Here it is time to head back to Windows 10.

Get the files in Windows 10 & select where to save them

Well, Guys! On your Windows 10 PC or device, the Bluetooth send should have started instinctively. You guys just have to wait for all the files to be sent.

At a time all the files also have been received by Windows 10, though you are shown a precis. You guys are also asked about the location where you also like to store the files received. However, leave the default folder or tap on Browse to choose a new location whether that is what you guys also want. When completed,  tap Finish.

That’s all! The files that you also have transferred over Bluetooth from your Android smartphone are now available in Windows 10.

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Do you guys use Bluetooth in order to send files from your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 laptop?

We are curious whether people still perform this. It’s a somewhat involved means of sending files, simply in a period when WiFi networks & cloud storage are too usual. Well, Do you guys still transfer files over Bluetooth? In what situations do you perform that? If you have any queries so you can ask us in the comments section below.

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