Way to Soft and Hard Reset Galaxy S8+: Guide

Reset Galaxy S8+Well, Guys! The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is likely the best smartphone available just right now. However, it is the best of the world’s biggest smartphone brand, Samsung. However, this is the elder brother of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Similarly, the only 2 differences b/w these 2 phones are the screen sizes & the battery capacities. Though the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a current direction of how a smartphone should seem & what it is capable of. In this guide, you will learn the way to Soft and Hard Reset Galaxy S8+.

Way to Soft and Hard Reset Galaxy S8+

However, at some point, you guys are probably heading to have to reset your Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone. Though at a time when it’s frozen & not responding, you will like to soft reset it. Whether you are facing major problems with the device that usual troubleshooting does not fix. You probably like to hard reset it to factory defaults. Here is the way in which you are also able to do both.

Soft Reset

When the device is frozen or does not respond to commands. Easily press & hold the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons on the device for about 10 to 20 seconds. In the end, the screen should disable. You guys will then also be able to enable the device back and resume the usual operation.

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Hard Reset

However, there are two processes that you guys can easily perform a hard reset on the Galaxy S8. However, one procedure can also be done from startup, the other from within the Android OS. Though these steps will clear all data from the device. So you guys just have to be sure to have a backup in place whether you like to keep your data. Whether you guys have encrypted the data on your SD card, so you must be sure in order to turn off the encryption before these steps. On the other hand, you will never be able to see your encrypted files again.

From Android OS

  • First of all, click the “Settings” > “Backup and reset” > “Factory data reset” > “Reset” > “Delete All“.

From Startup

  1. Simply just with the device switched off, press & hold “Volume Down“, “Bixby” and “Power“.
  2. Here continue to hold both buttons until you guys see the Recovery screen.
  3. From the recovery screen, use the “Volume Down” button in order to toggle the selection to “Wipe data/factory reset“.
  4. Finally, press the “Power” button to choose the highlighted option.


How I am able to disable the Factory Reset Protection?

Well, guys! The Factory Reset Protection stops access to your device without your allowance. Though it simply locks the device to your Google account. Whether you are changing ownership of the phone, so then you will also like to disable this feature.

You are also able to disable Factory Reset Protection just by clearing your Google account from the device before the factory reset. However, this can also be done underneath the “Settings” > “Accounts and cloud” > “Accounts” > “Google” > choose the account >  Reset Galaxy S8+ > “Remove account“.

Therefore, this tutorial applies to the Samsung Galaxy S8+ models SM-G955 & SM-G950.

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Way to Soft and Hard Reset Galaxy S8+ – Conclusion

Well, I hope that you guys like the guide. If you have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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