Download Drony for PC & Laptop (Windows & Mac)

Download Drony for PC & Laptop (Windows & Mac)

drony for PCWell, guys in this guide you will learn the route in order to download the Drony for PC & Laptop (Windows & Mac). Drony app is one of the apps which is an online tool that is able to turn on its users for enjoying online privacy. Similarly, it is just used for making sure that your chats or any info are either saved or secured from hackers or other online bullies. Similarly, this app is advantageous for every internet user. However, who just likes a guard pathway whilst connecting to others through social media. Unfortunately, such a supportive app is delivered only for mobile devices. But here in this guide, I will try to support you in downloading the Drony for PC & Laptop by using the Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac.

However, we will explain the complete procedure in order to download Drony for PC & Laptop. For this, you just have to thoroughly go through this guide. But first of all, we would like to take start before downloading procedure, we will mention the intro and then it’s a comparison with the other apps and then it’s such features. And then we will explain the method to download it.

Overview at Drony for PC

First of all, here I want to tell you who is the developer of drony. However, Drony is enhanced by Sandrob for Android available for free in the Play Store. Drony app is one of the apps which is an online tool that turns on its user for enjoying online privacy. However, Drony for PC is able to give us a private and also a guarded online condition for its users. Just for enjoying their private info with their loved ones and also for their daily businesses.

How you are able to get drony for Android? Well, this question is most of the time asked by Android users. You will get its answer when you will read this para. Therefore, now we come to our point. Most people need ceaseless info about the daily update. You probably know that the share of information is mostly via Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social websites. However, Social media is also essential for those people to get connected, socialize, and hence, they link up for different problems.

It does not mean if we use their platform that now we socialize and get connected without the require for privacy and some other limitations. Although if we talk about some other people who just use these platforms. Just for conveying info concerning their day to day business problems. And sensitive info that needs privacy. Also, this is when the Drony application comes to be an essential tool.

Drony vs Every Proxy

However, Every Proxy is also a very advantageous/ awesome app just like the Drony app. Whether you have a VPN connection on your Android device that you would want to share. We can also say that this is also useful to way your traffic via your Android device. Thus the best thing about the Drony is that it needs a vast or a long root method in order to work. Also, it is also present on the Google Play Store as well. Although it’s a bit handy to work with such an app.

Both automatic and manual proxy connections are also present for users. Whether you like a manual connection without an account, so then you must set a proxy hostname as localhost and also proxy port as 8020. Now, enter any website you such as in the Bypass proxy catalog. Hence for the best experience, so must have to try to use this app whilst your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

Although it works out network givers’ limitations on tethering. Connect your hotspot as usual then proxy your http and https calls via Every Proxy.

The proxy is also able to bind to the IP Address, simply which assigned to your Android device. Whether you would want to utilize various IP Address please search, on your beloved search engine, for “android change IP address”. Similarly, you are also able to even bind the proxy server to “” via the settings. Performing this will expose the proxy on all currently assigned IP Addresses. The dark mode of Every Proxy is too much helpful.
Similarly, the Authentication is also enabled for both the HTTP/S and Socks proxies.

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Characteristics/Features of Drony

Now we will share some important features of  Drony with you.

  • Drony is able to begin whether wifi is available. That has a proxy set on the same port that is used in Drony in order to listen.
  • Drony is also able to prevent when that wifi is no longer active.
  1. it is also able to use with Adblock plus
  2. it is also able to use with local SOCKS proxies, builtin shadowsocks tunnel
  • Proxy operates with proxy authentications. Android OS has just a proxy with no authentication. So this app is also able to support you with your corporate/university/school network environment.
  • However, the Drony is also able to help digest, windows (ntlm), the fundamental authentication. HTTP,HTTPS,SOCKS4a,SOCKS5 type of proxies. Drony can also use with adblockplus.

Download Drony for PC & Laptop (Windows & Mac)

As we told you above that unluckily Drony is just a smartphone app. That is enhanced to just work with mobile devices. However, if you want to gain its services on PC or Laptop. Similarly, the user must have to get help from an Android Emulator.

drony for PC

Before starting the process of downloading and installing the Drony for PC on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac OS. So first of all we have to download any Android Emulator. Either it would be Bluestacks, the Nox Player App, or Andy OS.

Install Drony on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac

Although after the installation of one of the emulators,  now you have to get ready to head to your Playstore, and there you have to search for the Drony app and abide by the steps shown below.

  • First of all, you have to select the desired app.
  • Now at this point, you must have to install the app. Just by tapping on the install button, and the installation procedure will start.
  • After completing this installation method, you must have to tap on your emulator’s home button. Now you will view the Drony icon that is visible on the home interface on your emulator.
  • Pin it and start the important configurations on your device.

Configuration of the Drony

You may or may not know that the configuration of the Drony is the easiest method. However, that does not require further root procedure to work. Similarly, its disconnection is just based on either manual or automatic proxy connections. Without any account the manual installation, so for this, you have to just set your host-name as localhost. Also, set the proxy port to 8020, and now you are ready to go. Also, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Burp suite and PC setup

For this, you have to, first of all, confirm your PC is connected to the WiFi to that your android emulator is connected

At this point, you must have to examine for seeing whether your firewall permits incoming burp suite proxy default port 8080 connections (a burp suite is a cyber-security tool).

Burp Suite

  • For doing this you have to first of all Press the (Ctr+Shift+P). Simply go to the proxy tab.
  • Simply now on the proxy tab, head -to the options.
  • Now at this point, you must have to navigate to proxy listeners. Similarly, you have to head to the current listeners, and press the Edit button.
  • Here choose the All Interfaces radio buttons in order to bind the address.
  • Next, you have to press OK
  • Finally, you are able to go to the play store and install the Drony proxy.

Wifi proxy setting configuration.

  • Head to the settings and now choose the WiFi.
  • Now long press on WiFi SSID
  • Simply here you must have to Manage Network /Modify Network Config.
  • Head to the Advanced options, now move down to proxy, and here you must turn from the None to Manual.
  • Set the host-name to
  • Set proxy port 8082 and save.

Drony proxy settings Configurations

However, the configured setting in step 2 is now able to work as a proxy for the emulator itself. Similarly, now you must have to include a Drony proxy setting. That is now the burp proxy.

  • For this firstly you must head to the Drony app in your emulator.
  • Here head to setting and there move toward the right
  • Now examine whether the Drony proxy is on port 8020.
  • Here you must have to drop down to Network and press WiFi.
  • Thus from your WiFi list here, you will be able to view a 8080 this IP is as a result of settings you did in step 2.
  • Proceed and set the proxy type to Manual.
  • Now simply you must set your PC IP to be the Hostname.
  • Set the burp suite port 8080
  • Finally, you have to press the Home tab and then the ON button at the bottom.

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Download Drony for PC & Laptop-Conclusion

Furthermore, the recent version of the Drony is now able to install on no-root devices also. Consequently, it is also capable of installing the Drony on Windows PC and MacBook. Well, guys, I hope you will like this guide. Please leave your comments in the comments section below. And if you have any queries so then you can ask us.

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