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Cold glue application can be more effective and efficient by the help of certain technology. Technology and its machinery works can provide better results and later it will improve productivity and even product quality of the industry. Robatech provides the necessary technology for the cold glue application. Sempre 6 becomes excellent technology of application heads that will support the application process of cold glue on various surface so the works can be completed quickly and greatly. Sempre is actually abbreviation of Speed, Electro, Mini, and Precise. From these points in the abbreviation, it is clear enough to see targets of Robatech when the manufacturer develops the technology.

Flexibility in Operating the Application Heads of Sempre 6

Sempre 6 are designed to provide flexibility in cold glue application. Its jetting head is suitable for different application of cold glue. It can handle the dot, bead, and even continuous glue application. It is easy to set and program the jetting head so it can provide desired results as what operator needs. Then, it can handle different types of surface. Moreover, it has compact design. It will be very useful for industry that has limited space or it is hard to find space to install the jetting head of Sempre 6. With its compact size and shape, it will not be big problem to set the technology in various position and even location. Its easy interface gives additional benefits so it does take much time for operator to know how to program and start the Sempre 6.

Better Productivity with Sempre 6

Productivity in the industry can be improved by using Sempre 6. It has machine speed that can work much faster than human. It can shorten production process so during the same allocated time, Sempre 6 can have better achievement in glue application. Even if Sempre 6 works in high speed, it does not neglect quality of glue application. It still can be maintain its great precision so results are much better. Thus, it is not wrong to say that Sempre 6 can provide better productivity of the industry.